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Croft Tourism

The term "Croft Tourism" may be recent but it is not a new discovery or idea. Since early 1800's,in the Highlands & islands of Scotland, many crofts and agricultural holdings have played host to various activities relating to visitors. These ideas and dreams have, and still do, contribute to the yearly income of the crofting/fishing and farming community. One interesting book on this subject and well worth a read is "Scotland For The Holidays" - tourism Scotland 1780 - 1939 by Alaister Durie.

Visitors to the Highlands & Islands of Scotland are very interested to learn about our history and culture and do enjoy to stay at a location where they can experience how life really is for the people there. Those who visit some of the more remote parts of the Scottish Highlands & Islands often ask how we survive, what do people do for a living! The word "diversification" often springs up during such conversations and history clearly demonstrates how superbly diverse, ingenious and determined were the folk of Northern & Western Scotland.

While the general subject of diversification may cover many various activities based on croft or farmland, our objective is to manufacture any type of timber structure which may be used to enhance or create a diversification project.
Probably, the most common form of diversification undertaken by the crofter/fisherman/farmer on their land is provision of seasonal visitor accommodation. Every tenant or owner, whether croft or agricultural land, should be aware that they have the right by law to site 3 mobile buildings on their land for seasonal visitor accommodation, without need of full planning permission or a site license. This is surely a great asset to many folk who may be interested in Croft Tourism. We offer a full information pack on this subject, based on local Council planning guidance for only £5.00 + p&p. We are also compiling further information packs relating to grant, loan and other financial leads which may help you establish your project.
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