Croft Chalets & Timber Buildings - : Built To Last :
Quality & Design
All our buildings are constructed using the same techniques and materials and are far superior to factory produced log wall buildings in ALL aspects. The exterior products used are the best quality and most suitable for areas of heavy rain and high wind speeds where single log wall buildings fail to perform. Our buildings are stable, not like single wall log buildings where shrinkage and movement cause many problems.
We only use vertical cladding on exterior walls, this allows fast and natural rain run- off, this is the natural way, trees grow vertically not horizontally! Horizontal external cladding or log walls present far more obstructive surface area to rainfall, simple science! Any external horizontally fixed timber exposed to harsh weather tends to warp & twist much more easily than vertically fixed timber.

We have invested a lot of time to bring you the latest ideas and concepts in design. We can offer AutoCad for professional drawings but a simple drawing is often sufficient for smaller projects.

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